PanelaLemon Team on 5th Sep 2019

When we’re on the go, carbs can be a quick source of energy for our bodies.

Sugar is a carb that can be classified as either refined or unrefined. When refined sugars and processed carbs are ingested, they cause a sudden spike in our blood sugar. This spike, occurring in the pancreas, produces a large amount of insulin to be released in order to rid our bloodstream and cells of the sugar. The rise and fall of our blood sugar is what causes us to feel tired.

According to the results obtained from a study, children who ate pre-game snacks high in refined carbs reported to be more fatigued while playing sports immediately afterwards than children who ate a raisin-peanut butter snack. (1)

Refined sugars are harder for our bodies to digest, causing us to feel swollen or bloated for hours after consumption. In order to keep energy levels consistent, substitute refined sugar and carbs for unrefined whole foods, which tend to be higher in fiber. Being physically active and well rested may also increase energy levels.

Furthermore, fiber is your best friend when it comes to avoiding fatigue after eating sweets. Fiber helps us to digest sugars slowly, preventing a sudden rise and crash in our blood sugar.

I used to always feel tired after eating sugary treats such as muffins and cookies. I didn’t want to give up eating sweets completely, so I started baking healthy cookies instead. In my baking nowadays, I make sure that I am always using whole food ingredients and that every treat contains a good source of fiber.