About Us



 About Us


Our goal is to create epically delicious mega-cookies packed with delicious and nutritionally-dense ingredients for snackers. (Including gluten-free and vegan eaters!)


Our vision is to create a brand that spreads love and health for our customers and provides youth employment opportunities for our community. 


We are committed to creating a big positive impact through memories and employment with as little environmental impact as possible. 



My Story


Born to entrepreneurial parents in the South of Colombia, I always knew that I was meant to build my own business and carve my own path.


My Mama was always baking, and her sweetener was always panela sugar. Inspired by her, I was motivated to create my own delicious memories in the kitchen.


Although I studied finance in Colombia, I knew I belonged in the kitchen, creating, experimenting, and developing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that food is my love language!


When I moved to Canada, I couldn't go back to school to re-earn my degree in accounting, so I ended up learning the electrical trade. This job challenged me, helped me to build a network, and gave me the confidence and financial support to finally start my own business in food.


I took a year to develop cookies that were packed full of good ingredients and could be enjoyed within various diets.



I was determined to create the most epic and bold cookies Vancouver had ever seen, and that is how Panela Lemon was born! 


What is Panela Sugar?


A traditional sweetener from South America used to sweeten baked goods naturally. The majority of panela sugar comes from cutting down sugar cane by hand and then cooking it in small batches.


This small-scale production results in a higher molasses content and a lighter overall flavor.