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Vegan stuffed cookie made from wholesome ingredients.

9cm x 9cm, 100-105 gr


If you are a peanut butter lover, look no further! Our sinful chocolate cookie boy is the ultimate temptation. Crispy coconut chips on the outside with a crunchy peanut butter cup filling, this cookie will certainly have you feeling naughty. What could be better than this, you ask? This cookie is finished off with a melted white chocolate topping, making sure that you keep coming back for more.



Coconut Sugar*, Whole Wheat Flour*,  Coconut Oil*, Peanut Butter, Coconut Chips*, Tapioca*, Panela*, Water, Raisins, Cocoa*, White Chocolate* (Cocoa Butter* 37%, Raw Cane Sugar*, Rice Drink Powder* (Dried Rice Syrup*), Tiger Nuts* (ground), Bourbon Vanilla Pod* (ground)), Flax Seeds, Vanilla Extract, Baking Powder**, Baking Soda, Sea Salt, Coconut Flour*, Chocolate Extract*.



**=Aluminum Free, Sulfur Dioxide Free, Preservative Free, GMO-Free

This product is manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, tree nuts, sesame, soy, peanuts and other potential allergens. May contain traces of all nuts.


 High in Fiber

Whole grains & healthy fats

 Unrefined sugars

Preservatives free

  Artificial colors/flavors free

80% Organic ingredients

Made in small batches

Handcrafted with






  • 5
    My Favourite!!!

    Posted by Greg C on 24th Apr 2021

    This is a MUST-TRY for anyone who loves peanut butter cups!!! The chewy chocolate dough enhanced by varying textures from the chocolate chips and shredded coconut is filled with a generous amount of gooey peanut butter. It's surprisingly not too sweet and you'll finish it before you know it! I highly recommend this one!!!

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Justine on 22nd Jul 2020

    In my top free with the dusty and the lover
    Chocolate peanut butter is always a good idea

  • 5

    Posted by Rob Rider on 24th Nov 2019

    My wife purchased some of these and I “borrowed” a couple. I don’t usually like cookies too much, but these are amazing. Will stock up for backcountry ski trips this winter.

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